|| Native Instruments

Massive / Kore / Kore 2 / Reaktor 5 / Absynth 4 / Absynth 5
Best of Massive / Massive Expansion vol 1 / Massive Expansion vol 2 / Animated Reaktor Circuits
Absynth Spectral Expansion

|| Camel Audio

Massive Retaliations [Testing - Attribute assignment]
Massive retalliations Bonus Soundbank.
Absynth Twilights [Additional sound design - Sound variations].
Alchemy [Sound design - Presets optimization]
Cinematic Sound Bank
Dance & Trance Sound Bank

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|| Auto-beats

Website FX

|| Sugar Bytes

Consequence 1.1

|| Twistedtools


Lemur programming

|| Jazzmutant

Official Workshop Lemurized Reaktor Skrewell
Official Workshop Lemurized Reaktor Vectory
Official Workshop Lemurized Reaktor Lurker
Official Workshop Lemurized Reaktor Newscool
Beta-testing Lemur V2 Firmware


Software / Hardware sound design.

Exclusive sound libraries for artists and labels.

Multimedia sound design (web, apps, videogames).

Jazzmutant Lemur templates programming.

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absoundscapes.com - camel audio www.camelaudio.com
Award winning instruments and effects in VST and audio unit plugin formats.

absoundscapes.com - jazzmutant www.jazzmutant.com
Creators of the amazing Lemur & Dexter multitouch controllers.

absoundscapes.com - native instruments www.native-instruments.com
Hardware and software for music producers, guitarists, sound designers and DJs.

absoundscapes.com - Future Audio Workshop www.futureaudioworkshop.com
Creators of virtual synth Circle.


RICHARD DEVINE || Artist/Sound Designer (USA)

"Antonio makes some of the most beautiful sophisticated graphical interfaces I have ever seen for the Lemur. As a sound designer I am constantly looking for new interesting ways to control and manipulate sound. Antonio has created a collection of templates that have changed the way I interact with sound. His careful attention to detail and intelligent futuristic approach are remarkable!" richard-devine.com - devinesound.net

RITORNELL || Composer/Musician (Austria)

"I've been using Antonio's breakpoint sequencer for quite some time now. It never ceases to inspire me in generating soundscapes and it sure looks amazing too!" ritornell.at

KERO || Multimedia Artist (USA)

"The AB lemur templates turn the lemur into a totally new device. With stunning gui's and advanced scripting Antonio morphs the lemur into a touch panel instrument that is worthy of being on the Starship Enterprise!" djkero.com

BRYANT PLACE || Developer of RT multimedia systems (USA)

"Antonio and I have been working together for years. Having witnessed Antonio's growing technical chops, and keen GUI design abilities - he has truly become one of the most talented audio programmers; human-machine interface audio programmers, in today's technologically advanced world." vimeo.com/CPU

ZAVOSH RAD || Composer/Sound Designer (USA)

"Every one of Antonio's templates have been mesmerizingly intricate whilst never forgetting the natural urge for chaos. They give the user all of the controls for the respective instrument, and at the same time they give the noise-makers the ability to randomize to mind's content. If you own a Lemur, it's sacrilege not to have an AB template a fingertip away." soundcloud.com/zavosh

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